Which Stream To Choose for Becoming efficient Hotel Managers?

Hotel management is a rewarding and exciting career option. This is an excellent career opportunity for aspirants who are flexible, creative and well-organized. This is an ideal career choice for individuals willing to shoulder responsibility since he has to manage every aspect and operation of hospitality. A hotel manager is responsible for daily operations, looks after financial accounts provide customer service, does promotions and advertising, ensures inventory control and personnel administration.

Which is the right course for pursuing hotel management?

In today’s world, the responsibility of a hotel manager has expanded a lot and therefore, he is required to possess functional knowledge and extraordinary business skills in hospitality. Now, the question is, which stream should one pursue opting for a career in hotel management. One can pursue Diploma in Hotel Management after the 10th standard. However, to become a successful hotel manager, one should pursue a degree course in this field. A Degree Course in Hotel Management provides holistic development and increases the chance for better jobs in the hospitality industry.

Students from any stream, Commerce, Arts or Science, can enter the domain of Hotel Management. After completing the 12th standard, they should pursue a degree course in Hotel Management.

  • BSc in Hotel Management
  • Bachelors in Hotel Management & Catering Technology
  • BA in Hotel Management
  • BSc in Hospitality and Hotel Administration

skills necessary to Aspire a Career as Hotel Manager

Hotel management is an industry with a lot of diversities and hence, hotel managers need to have a certain skill set.

  • Ability to Listen

This is a crucial skill required in hotel management because in this field, managers have to listen to the employees and employees have to listen to their guests. When this listening is done properly, you can understand both their needs better and therefore, can provide better solutions.

  • Leadership Quality

In order to maintain a whole hotel, you should have the capability to lead. A number of aspects are involved in hotel operations and a manager must ensure that all the aspects work smoothly and communicate with them to the employees.

  • Problem-solving Capability

Complaints from guests are common in the hotel industry and a hotel manager must be capable of resolving such issues. A good manager should be able to identify problems and come up with effective solutions.

  • Managing Customer Relations

Hotel managers have to deal with different types of guests. A good manager has to stay calm while dealing with the guests.

  • Communicating Ability

A good manager should be capable of communicating properly both in writing and verbal communication. Hotel managers have to communicate with vendors, guests and employees and hence, they should have the ability to express their ideas and convince them about their ideas.

Thus, these are skills of an efficient hotel manager and the courses to pursue after completing school education.

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