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What is the Scope and Content of BCA course?

A BCA or Bachelor of Computer course is an undergraduate degree program that can offer insight into computers and the application of the same. This is a 3-year program divided into 6 different semesters that aim to provide students with practical skills and the ability to address issues in computer applications and systems.

These days, there is an increasing demand for computer professionals due to a very rapid growth in the Indian software and IT industries. This is a major reason for the growing popularity of BCA course in Bengal and Bachelor of Computer courses across the nation.

What can you learn in a BCA course?

A BCA course program is divided into two semesters every year. The first one is from January to June and the second one extends from July to December. Two exams are held annually – one in June (which is the exam for the first semester) and another in December (the second semester exam). Students can get the option to sit for any of the exam schedules that are conducted by the University during the year subject to various formalities associated to the program and the completion of the minimum duration.

While pursuing this kind of course, it is possible for students to get a basic knowledge of computers and also an advanced knowledge. They can also get supplementary knowledge of math. With this type of program, students can get enough knowledge of programming, programming practices and theoretical training about the same.

After the completion of a BCA program, it is possible for students to go for MCA or Master in Computer Application course, which is regarded as an equivalent to B.Tech.

BCA program consists of different subjects like Web Development, Web Scripting, Operating Systems, Java, Programming Languages, Software Engineering, Mathematics, Database Management, C Language Programming, Data Structure, World Wide Web, Networking, Basic and Advanced Programming in C language and Object Oriented Programming with the use of C++.

What is the Scope of BCA Course?

In the domain of BCA, there is a huge scope. After completing this program from a BCA college in Kolkata, it is possible for students to go for higher studies or start working directly.

A BCA program opens up various kinds of job profiles for students, which include working as a CAD engineer, test engineer, hardware engineer, network engineer, programming analyst, application developer, software developer, software engineer etc. Candidates who are eligible can also find work with sales and marketing agencies, government PSUs, software or IT companies, engineering firms etc.

BCA graduates can also get self-employment options, which include developing own software or freelancing. There are many software multinational companies that offer good jobs to BCA graduates. Candidates with the requisite skill sets and good work experience can secure excellent job positions in multinational companies.

Students who want to obtain a deeper knowledge in this domain can take up advanced course options – such as Ph.D. and MCA. It is possible to do MCA with specialization options in Management Information System, Systems Development, Systems Management etc.

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