What are the different career choices available after BCA

What are the different career choices available after BCA?

BCA is one of the popular courses at the graduation level. In today’s competitive world, having a BCA degree is not sufficient for getting a prestigious job. Taking up a professional certificate course or post-graduation degree provides an established career for BCA graduates. What are the career options students can pursue after BCA Course? Have a look right here…

Career Options after Completing BCA

There are different career choices available to BCA graduates that can provide them lucrative job opportunities.

  • Master of Business Administration or MBA

Acquiring an MBA degree is a popular career choice for BCA graduates. MBA encompasses subjects like finances, management, human resources, organization and other crucial aspects of the business. Though this is a different field from the tech sector, it has its own advantages. A BCA graduate with an MBA degree can apply for jobs in leadership roles as well as in any management sector. The greatest benefit of having an MBA is that an aspirant will enjoy lucrative pay in his job.

  • Data Scientist

Are you interested in working with statistics and numbers? Then, data science is the right field for you. This sector is developing at a fast pace all over the world creating a high demand for qualified professionals. Data science professionals can find applications in areas like marketing, technology, FMCG, MNC and similar organizations. In fact, India has the second-highest demand for these professionals.

  • Digital Marketer

Digital marketing is one of the sought-after career options for BCA graduates. Online business has become a trend in today’s world thereby creating a huge demand for digital marketers. These professionals promote products and services online for generating sales and a customer base. BCA and digital marketing are a good combination and have great career prospects in this fast-growing digital world. As companies intend to establish brand names on digital platforms, digital marketing has become a promising career choice.

  • Product Manager

Product management is an exciting and unique career choice after BCA. It is also one of the best courses for BCA graduates in the tech sector. The market of today is growing at a fast pace and to survive in this competitive market, companies need to introduce software products insufficient amount. This is where the role of product managers come to help. They can deploy and develop new products at a fast pace. This career path is the right choice for aspirants having interest in management and software. Product managers also enjoy handsome pay because of their high demand.

  • Cyber Security Expert

With the popularity of online and social networking platforms, the hacking of accounts has also increased. This reflects the fragility of online platforms and the need for cyber security experts. From multinational companies to government organizations, there is a demand for cyber security experts in every sector. It is certainly one of the best choices after BCA since a BCA graduate has adequate knowledge about computer applications. This has a prospect career since digital security has become the need of the hour. So, these are some career options for BCA graduates that can make provide them with a secured future.

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