Some of the Best Career Choices after BCA for 2021 Students

Some of the Best Career Choices after BCA for 2021 Students

Want to pursue BCA but are not sure about its career scope? BCA is a popular graduation course and many students are opting for it after finishing school education. However, in today’s age, having a BCA degree will not suffice because a BCA graduate cannot get a high paying job. An aspirant has to seek a professional certificate course or post-graduation for an established career after BCA. Career options after BCA are many but, many students are not aware of them.

Let’s explore some career options for a BCA graduate focusing primarily on computer applications. Here are some of the best options for a bright future and stable job opportunities after the BCA Course

Great Career Choices after BCA


MBA is a popular career option for BCA graduates. An MBA professional can job in the management sector and look for leadership jobs in various companies. After specialization, professionals can also apply for managerial roles in different areas of an organization like IT Governance Executive or IT Manager. The greatest advantage of this degree is its lucrative pay which is comparatively higher than any other specialization.

There are different methods of pursuing an MBA course. A student can seek admission to a reputed management school after qualifying for the entrance examination, CAT. One can also get into an MBA course with an interactive and personalized learning experience through projects and videos.  


The field of data science is a fast-growing sector across the world having huge demand for professionals in this field. Data science has applications in different areas like marketing, technology, FMCG and so on. India especially has a massive demand for data scientists making it one of the best career choices after BCA. A data scientist is expected to have profound knowledge about different languages and software tools. One should enrol in a data science course to acquire better learning of the subject.  


This is an exciting and unique career option for BCA graduates. Product managers help companies to find, create and release a product to meet the needs of customers. It is one of the best courses and hottest roles after BCA. In the current market scenario, companies release a number of software products and they need product managers for deploying and developing them quickly.


Digital marketing is a popular career choice after BCA. Digital marketers hold a significant position in the market. Almost all businesses are moving online these days, hence, they need proficient digital marketers for promoting their products and services thereby generating sales. A BCA graduate can enter digital marketing by acquiring respective skills. Digital marketing is another fast-growing sector in India and has huge job openings in the field of social media expert, content manager, digital marketing manager and so on.

So, these are some of the career choices one can seek after BCA.

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