BCA Course in bengal

Get to Know What to Study in BCA Course in Bengal

BCA or Bachelor of Computer Application Course is an undergraduate course that provides an insight into the computer world and its various application. BCA course in Bengal or any other place is conducted for 3 years divided into 6 semesters. The course focuses on imparting education and training on practical skills and ability to address problems regarding computer applications and systems. Today, computer professionals have high demand in the market because of rapid development in Software and IT Industries in this country. This has, again, increased the popularity of BCA course in India.

When pursuing BCA course from some reputed college, students acquire advanced as well as basic knowledge on computers and supplementary knowledge on mathematics. This course helps students to gain necessary knowledge about programming and practices together with theoretical knowledge.  

Learning about BBA Course and Its Duration

As you have already known that, BBA is an undergraduate course on computer applications that is conducted for 3 years. After completing the course from any reputed institute, a student becomes eligible for MCA, master degree in computer applications. A student of Computer Applications has similar value like that of a B. Tech student.

Subjects included in BCA course are –

  • Networking
  • Programming in C Language (Advanced & Basic)
  • Database Management
  • Data Structure
  • World Wide Web
  • Software Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Programming Languages
  • Web Scripting
  • Operating Systems
  • JAVA
  • Object Oriented Programming using C++
  • Development

The Different Subjects in Different Semesters in BCA Course

Students have to study some subjects in different semesters of BCA course to expand their domain of knowledge. The subjects offered in BCA college in Kolkata are –

  • Subjects to be learned in 1st Semester

Mathematics Foundation, Computer Programming & Fundamentals, Logical Organization of Computer, PC Software, PC Software Lab.

  • Subjects to be learned in 2nd Semester

Discrete Mathematics, Structured Analysis Data, Computer Architecture & Organization, OOP in C++, Fundamentals of Management.

  • Subjects to be learned in 3rd Semester

Introduction to Operating System, Data Structure Using C, Database Management System, Environmental Science.

  • Subjects to be learned in 4th Semester

Computer Graphics, Design & Analysis of Algorithms, IT Management, Applied Numerical Techniques, Computer Graphics Lab, Programming Lab.

  • Subjects to be learned in 5th Semester

Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Numerical Methods, Web Designing, Business Intelligence, Animation, Advance Database Management System.

  • Subjects to be learned in 6th Semester

E-commerce, Multi-media Systems, Design & Analysis of Algorithms, Java, Cloud Computing, Project Work, Computer Laboratory, and Practical Work.

BCA graduates have huge scope in the job market. Aspirants can get a job in the marketing firms, government organizations and corporate sector. Self-employment is also an option for BCA graduates.   

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