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Explore A New Career In Science With A BCA Course In Bengal

In the present world, career opportunities are not simply limited to earning a degree in medicine or engineering. A most demanding graduation course students prefer taking up post-school is BCA or Bachelor’s in Computer Administration. But how many of you are wondering about the career options after the completion of a BCA course in Bengal? While there are numerous career choices that you can select, not everyone is actually aware of all the different routes that they can opt for. If you are one of them, this content is targeted to quench your thirst to learn more about a career after your BCA graduation. 

List of Career options you can take after earning a BCA

Here is a list of 4 career options you can take up after graduating from a BCA college in Kolkata.

  1. Earn a degree in Master of Business Administration

A common career option that most students take up after completing a BCA course in Bengal is an MBA or Master of Business Administration. MBA covers a wide array of topics about management, human resources, organization, finances as well as related critical business topics. Even though this field differs from the tech sector, it still has some rewards for your future. With an MBA, you can take up a job in the management sector with some leading companies in India and abroad. You can work as an Investment Banker, Management Consultant, Project Manager, or Marketing Manager and learn about topics related to design thinking, leadership, strategic thinking, integrated business strategy, and more.

  1. Take up a career as a Data Scientist

Have you always been interested in statistics and numbers? Then why not take up a career as a data scientist now! This industry is one of the most developing sectors today around the world comes, with immense demand for well-trained professionals. Data science today finds wide applications in sectors related to Marketing, FMCG, technology, and many more. As a Data scientist, you can enjoy working in a reputed MNC, tech sector, finance, and other related organizations with a starting salary ranging between 4lakhs to 12 lakhs per annum.

  1. Start working as a Digital Marketer

A promising career after a course with a BCA college in Kolkata is working as a digital marketer. The importance of this field has grown and tends to grow in the years ahead, with more and more businesses moving online, especially after the pandemic.

  1. Learn about Product Management

Product managers are the experts working at different stages of product development along with its marketing and promotion. They are responsible for helping companies find, create, and release their products as per the requirements of their target customers. A product management course is one of the hot career options you have after a degree in BCA.

Ending Note

While these are some of the many career choices that you have after completing your degree in BCA, other options to explore include getting admission for an MCA- Master of Computer Applications course, becoming a cybersecurity expert, or stepping into the Blockchain Industry. So hurry up and get yourself enrolled for a BCA course in Bengal and enjoy the perks with a better career.

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