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Gurukul Management Studies (GMS) was set under aegis of Gurukul Educational Trust in 2004, with the promise of excellence in emerging areas of career opportunity of a globalised world. GMS vows to bring to the students of all the region the career opportunities in the international arena through its innovative programs and courses with the assurance of quality with international compatibility. GMS also has the necessary expertise and academic exchanges with different institutions and individuals of repute. Apart from academic curriculum, GMS is completely focused in training and development of its students in personality traits and enriching their skill sets which are essential to become successful in any industry.

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Aims & Objective

    • To organize undergraduate degree and other diploma and certificate courses with requisite knowledge and skills which can be utilized for preparing good career opportunities in a globalized platform for the aspiring students.
    • To impart education and training of international standard in the emerging areas of career opportunity.
    • To organize and offer research and consultancy services to industries, community and local bodies and maintain constant link and relation with them to reflect and redress their needs.
    • To develop the overall personality, general proficiency and skills of career seekers.
    • To ensure that new technologies, educational methodologies and their effects on business organization from an integral part of the education delivery system.
    • GMS organizes seminars and lectures sessions of corporate, bankers and senior executives from different industries to provide practical insight to the students and also this builds up a vibrant platform for industry – institution interaction, which also help the students for getting placements.
    • GMS has a placement cell which work throughout the year for placement for its outgoing students.


Internationalisation of higher education has effected from political liberalization and open market situation across the globe that yielded to rapid change in the scenario of higher education in our country also. Keeping this in meaningful dissemination of Knowledge and skills, transform them into confident educated and trained professional for industry and business on an international standards.


GMS strives continuously to work with dedication to contribute to the society for the development of higher education in the emerging areas, and evolve as a center of excellence especially in the east. The motto of GMS is to provide its students education with quality at affordable cost and international compatibility the challenges of an aggressive new world, and prepares them to face all the professional challenges successfully.
Our mission is to become a Center of Excellence in fostering managerial leadership and entrepreneurship in the development of human capital through quality research, teaching, residential learning and professional management services.

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