• GMS provides placement bond of all students at the time of admission to assure job after completion of course.

• During courses GMS gives the opportunity to visit various industries.

• GMS has a well-stacked library consisting of Text Book, Reference Books, Books for general Reading, Magazine and journals.

• GMS provides counseling of the students with their faculty on one to one basis.

• GMS is highly focused on providing "soft skills" classes to the students for complete grooming, personality development and developing their communication skills.

• GMS maintains and develops relation with the officials and senior level Executives of different industries to facilitate placement of its students.

• GMS encourages its students to nurture and cultivate their Extra-curricular activities and special feats and consciously inculcates the habits and traits in its students to shape them into better and responsible future citizens of the nation.


We are equipped with Hi Speed Internet Service with fully Wi-Fi campus.

Play Ground

Gurukul has its own large sports ground at which all types of sports meet are conducted annually. The massive lush green even surface is the venue where many epic events of climaxes and anticlimaxes have occurred, providing true thrill to the spectators. Gurukul also blesses competitive, promising participants with scholarships and internships. GMS provides recreation and indoor games like Carom and Table Tennis for the students.

Community Hall

Gurukul has recently established its state-of-the-art Community hall . This Community hall is a constructive masterpiece in each and every sense of the word. World-class sound system, overhead projector, stage lighting have added to its grand embellishment, giving it a majestic look. All important meetings, discussions, seminars are conducted in this Community hall.


Full-fledged hostel facilities for boys & girls students have been established outside the campus. It also provides good and safe facilities of lodging and boarding to cater to the needs of outstation students. It has full fledged facilities with STD, ISD, Gymnasium, a reading room and a computer room. The students are monitored with their well being by an efficient and qualified custodian.
• Mineral water is supplied in the hostels for drinking purposes.
• Well-equipped Public Addressing System in all the hostels.
• Hostel is provided with a spacious dining hall with adequate and comfortable furniture and kitchen with Steam Cooking facilities.
• Hostel is provided with Water-coolers.
• Uninterrupted supply of water and electricity .
• Hostel is supplied with an English News Papers everyday to improve their reading habits and General Knowledge Hostel is provided with recreation halls for Television viewing .
• Assistant Wardens are available for consultation and guidance for the benefit of the students.

International Exposure

A student gets ample opportunities to pursue internship in foreign places with tie ups of different foreign universities and institutes